Tooth sensitivity manifests as a sharp pain in response to an external stimulus (food, hot or cold drinks, toothbrushing, whitening treatments, etc.). It is extremely important to use suitable products to treat tooth sensitivity, because the pain makes it difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene and, as a result, it increases the risk of suffering from other conditions.

Potassium nitrate: 10.00 %
Sodium fluoride: 1000 ppm F-

Key Benefits
Oral hygiene for cases where toothbrushing is painful due to severe hypersensitivity or dental hyperaesthesia.
Presented as a gel to enable localised application onto the affected area.

Directions for use
Apply the gel 2 or 3 times using your fingers, the cannula or a very soft brush. It should be used after meals and it is advisable to avoid eating or drinking for at least half an hour after use. It is most effective when applied at night.

Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not rinse.

15 ml