SoreFix Rescue is a zinc-based cream that shortens the duration of a cold sore. In addition, the transparent cream ensures that you suffer less from it. SoreFix Rescue is a transparent oily cream that does not accentuate the cold sore.

What can SoreFix Rescue do for you?

•Shortens the healing time
•Reduce the severity of symptoms
•Not accentuate the sore, as the cream is transparent
•Nourish your lips


SoreFix Rescue can be stored for ONE year after opening, this means that the cream can be used to treat several cold sores.

SoreFix Rescue has a unique composition with proven efficacy in all 4 phases of a cold sore. SoreFix Rescue cream can be used safely during the whole cold sore outbreak. From the initial tingle, until the scab has fallen off and the cold sore has healed completely.


SoreFix Rescue Cold sore cream:

•Relieves tingling
•Reduces blisters
•Shortens healing time
•Prevents scab from cracking


A cold sore is very contagious, wash your hand after using SoreFix Rescue.

Please read the leaflet before using SoreFix Rescue.