Balance Activ BV Treatment Gel (Tubes) - Pack of 7


Balance Activ is clinically proven to treat Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) by restoring normal pH and vaginal flora and relieving symptoms. 

Balance Activ​ BV Treatment Gel, mimics what the body does naturally and offers a dependable alternative to antibiotics. BV treatment gel is proven to work and allow you to take control of your vaginal health.

One in three woman experience Bacterial Vaginosis at some point in their lives.

 - 7 one-a-day mono-dose in gel
 - For treatment and prevention
 - Antibiotic free option​
 - Shown to be as effective as the antibiotic Metronidazole (flagyl)
 - Easy to use​
 - Effective relief from symptoms such as unusual discharge, unpleasant odour, discomfort & irritation​
 - Works while you sleep​
 - Balance Active is a 7-day treatment, but you should notice reduced symptoms within 2-3 day​
 - Can be used in addition to antibiotic therapy ​
 - Suitable for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding.



 - Lactic acid, which plays a vital role in maintaining the vagina’s natural pH balance​
 - Glycogen, which is a carbon source and acts as nutrients for ‘good’ lactobacilli bacteria in the vagina.


Instructions for use​

 - Each box contains 7 gels

 - For treatment: use 1 gel per day for 7 days​

 - For maintenance: use 1–2 gels per week​

 - It is recommended for use at bedtime so that it works while you sleep​

 - The treatments can be used during pregnancy however, you should visit a doctor if you think you may have a vaginal infection​

 - The gel is intended for single use and should not be divided

 - Do not use if you are sensitive or allergic to any of the ingredients ​

 - In case of a reaction to any of the ingredients, stop use immediately​

 - Keep away from eyes and in case of contact rinse thoroughly with tepid water​

 - Keep out of sight and reach of children​

 - The cream may cause a slight tingling sensation on application.